My name is Jacquelyn D. Currie. Welcome to my home on the world wide web. I am full of excitement because I have finally seen another dream and desire of my heart come true. I have worked long and hard to see this project become a reality.

I have released my first book!  Is There a Hell for Children? A Spiritual Guide for Parents and Children which is now available for purchase.  

I believe you will find this book interesting and definitely informative.  How many of you have ever stopped to think: "Is there a Hell for children?" Well, look no further, you can find the answers inside my book. 

Is There A Hell for Children is presently available for purchse on my website. It will  also be available soon online at dozens of other E-tailers, including Kindle, Nook, Ipad and numerous electronic download reading devices.

Visit 'Buy Books' link to find out more information about purchasing your copies today!  Thank you for your support.

Jacquelyn D. Currie
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Is There A Hell for Children?
Author Jacquelyn D. Currie